The widest material choice on the market

Choosing the right material is critical to the success of your 3D print. Ultimaker's open filament system lets you print with any 2.85 mm filament, and print profiles from the Ultimaker Marketplace streamline print preparation and maximize your print success rate.

The properties you need for ground-breaking applications

      Certified Materials mark

      Ultimaker Certified Materials

      Third-party materials, validated by Ultimaker

      Ultimaker Certified Materials enable you to print confidently with the best-in-class third-party materials on your Ultimaker printer. For first-time-right parts – even when using advanced or specialized materials.

      Advanced 3D printing materials: The choice is yours

      Unlimited material choice

      Make your application meet the demands of the real world by printing it with advanced polymers and composites. Any 2.85 mm filament works with Ultimaker hardware, and an expanding selection of materials with print profiles from the Ultimaker Marketplace guarantee print success every time.


      "We require 3D printing materials with good mechanical properties to withstand wear and tear of our punching and metal forming solutions. Thanks to Ultimaker’s open filament system, we are able to use dedicated materials in order to print serial parts."

      Paolo Matassoni, Head of R&D, Andritz Metals


      The 3-step Ultimaker material workflow

      The product requirements for a successful part

      Based on your intent, set product requirements, and create your CAD design to make your final part fit for purpose.


      Expand your 3D printing knowledge

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        3D printers that simply work

        Our award-winning 3D printers are robust, reliable, and easy to use. They deliver quality parts time and again. Designed and tested to run 24/7, they allow you to achieve the results you need more quickly and easily.​

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        Software ready for Industry 4.0

        Trusted by millions of users across 14 languages, Ultimaker  Cura  slices your model and integrates with any workflow through Marketplace plugins. Then scale production and digital distribution with Ultimaker Digital Factory.

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        Material choice like never before

        Ultimaker offers the widest material choice on the market. Through our Material Alliance, choose the perfect filament for your application – from advanced polymers to carbon fiber composites.​

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        Support dedicated to your success

        Wherever you are in the world, Ultimaker support is close by. Our global network of service partners offer professional installation, training, and maintenance in your language and time zone.​

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