Metal parts: Up to 90% cheaper


Explore a new range of high-strength applications

The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit makes it easier, more efficient, and more affordable to create steel parts and tools.

And that's exactly what a group of industry leaders have done.

Scroll down to see what's possible with metal 3D printing (MFFF), read Ultimaker customers' application stories, and get inspired for what you could create and the savings you could achieve.

Auxiliary components

Non-critical parts used in final products

    Functional prototypes

    Usable parts to test a concept or process


      Custom metal devices for a specific function


        "We always need quick solutions to source customized tools and potential product components. With MFFF, we can design and produce tooling faster. And we can bridge the gap between 3D printing with polymers and our products by printing metal components."

        Hugues Winkelmuller

        Advanced Technologies Specialist at Liebherr Components

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          Creating stainless steel parts with more design freedom than ever before. Saving up to 90% compared to CNC and other additive methods. And doing it all with a simple, hassle-free workflow.

          You’ve seen what metal parts others have successfully 3D printed. Now it’s your turn.