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Ultimaker Certified Materials

Ultimaker Certified Materials enable you to print confidently with the best-in-class third-party materials. For first-time-right parts – even with more advanced or specialized materials.

Certified Materials mark

Mark of quality

Third-party materials, validated by Ultimaker

With print profiles, material quality, and technical datasheets tested and validated by Ultimaker, you can be sure that the material delivers the quality you need on your Ultimaker 3D printer.

Opening a spool of filament

The easiest workflow for third-party materials

Experience a seamless workflow, with NFC technology in the spool that’s recognized by your printer and software. Plus, clear guidance and instructions for each material help you to be successful and achieve great results from the start.

LUVOCOM 3F PAHT 9825 NT filament and parts

Our first Certified Material


Discover the first Ultimaker Certified Material to launch. A high-temperature polyamide-based material, it has the strength of a PA6 without sacrificing any of its printability.

Loading a spool of filament

Available where you are

Ultimaker Certified Materials are available through our global reseller network, so you can use your chosen material wherever you are.